Thursday, April 27, 2006

Take My Wives ... Please!

Mitt Romney's clumsy Mormon shtick.

You know you are a mover and a shaker when Slate gets on your case for not being hip. Actually, this article makes some well-reasoned and accurate points including the one that if he keeps cracking jokes, Mormonism will not get the defense it deserves.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Month-Long Hiatus for LSFR

This will be my last post here for the next four weeks as I prepare for finals.

Probably sometime around May 15 I will start posting again regularly, so look for me then. Until then please continue to visit this site for the links. Here's the google news link to stories about Mitt Romney to get you started.

Here are a few columns from the last few days:

Issues favor Mitt over McCain

From bonhomie to bickering on health bill

Mitt's myth of healthcare

Kennedy Reaches Across Political Aisle

Hurt Feelings in 2000 Recalled as McCain Stumps in Iowa

Friday, April 14, 2006

The McCain Cover?

With all of Mitt Romney's perceived pandering to the Religious Right, does the fact that John McCain and Hillary Clinton -- not to the Religious Right but to the more moderate wing of the Democratic Party -- are doing the same thing give him any cover? Does the fact that he is not alone in this soften any criticism that he would otherwise get? I think it does. I think that Romney and McCain will separate themselves from the rest of the GOP pack over the next year and a half and as they do they will be compared to each other. It will be hard to criticize Romney for his evolving positions when his biggest rival is doing the same thing. This makes me less worried that he will be damaged by this. I'd like to know what anyone else thinks, and also if anyone has come across any analysis about this.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Romney Signs Healthcare Legislation and John Stewart Is Not Coming to Utah

So, it's official. According to the Boston Globe he vetoed eight provisions of the bill. I haven't read the bill and I don't know what provisions he vetoed, other than the $295 fee for businesses provision, but apparently the legislature is going to override the veto. This makes me wonder if his use of the veto will be a sort of safety net for him when he runs into criticism for supporting it.

Romney signs sweeping health care bill

And here is something worth reading (though totally unrelated.)

Jon Stewart's Not Coming to Ogden Charter School

Normally that fact wouldn't make headlines.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why Bill, Why?

Dude, did you hear the new Bill Frist podcast? It is AWESOME!!!!!

I'm not sure why Bill Frist rubs me the wrong way, but he does.

Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

Health Care for Everyone? We've found a way.
By Mitt Romney

What They Are Saying

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but a quick survey of conservative commentary on the Massachusetts healthcare legislation is revealing. As much as it will raise Romney's national profile and give him something to campaign on, I don't think it's scoring him any points within the party. Here's a few links:

An Imperfect Model
Gov. Mitt Romney’s health plan.
Ramesh Ponnuru
National Review

The Real Mitt Romney
Liz A. Mair

Mitt's Fit
by Edmund F. Haislmaier
January 28, 2006

Individual Mandates for Health Insurance
Slippery Slope to National Health Care
by Michael Tanner

The Boston Globe: When In Doubt, Make Things Up
by Hugh Hewitt

Monday, April 10, 2006

Mitt's Op-Ed

Reforming education
By Mitt Romney
April 10, 2006

The Internet Blinded Me With Its Blazing Speed

Thomas Dolby writes on his blog about how information spreads on the Internet. He tells the story of how he got offers to distribute his "new album" -- an album that never actually existed.
Hold on–did someone say ‘album’? This is the first I’ve heard of it. But since Steven’s blog, I’ve seen at least 5 mentions of my new album–and in fact two of the journalists I did interviews with this week asked me whether I’ll be playing songs from the new album in my live show.

Thomas, if you're reading this and I'm pretty sure you are, will you please set the record straight right here on this blog.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

He Blinded Me With His Blog

For those fans of the '80s, you might be interested in Thomas Dolby's blog. I haven't actually read anything on it, I'm just fascinated with the fact that he has one. Maybe I'll put a link to it over on the right side and maybe he'll come across this blog then maybe we'll start commenting on each other's blogs and end up good friends. Being friends with Thomas Dolby was something I never could have contemplated while listening to his music in high school -- yet now it seems within the realm of possibility. I wonder who else has a blog...Johnny Marr? Peter Murphy? Peter Cetera? Ok, I probably wouldn't care for Peter Cetera's blog, but you get the idea.

On to the news:

A Rising Star, Out of the Blue

McCain's Media Unmasking

Dirt flies for the clean candidate

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Tickets to Signing Ceremony $1

The Boston Globe is reporting that the healthcare bill signing ceremony will be a ticketed event. I'll keep an eye on craigslist for some deals.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Seriously, what is Bill Frist's problem?

Al Kamen has a great column on an invitaion he received to a party for Bill Frist. This must be the final nail in Frist's 2008 coffin. RIP Bill Frist, RIP.

The Tide is Turning

Mark this day in your calendars as the day that Mitt finally passed McCain in the blogosphere (kind of like the Mitt-osphere but with less interesting subjects and worse grammar). I know it is not scientific but it is an indication of what people are saying and since most of it seems at this point to be positive, finally topping McCain in Internet buzz is huge.

The blogpulse link is here.

I'm fascinated by using tools like this to guage public opinion and maybe even election results. I'm sure in the coming months and years we'll see it used in an increasingly scientific manner. I'll definitely keep my eye on the developments. If anyone knows of any research done on this please feel free to post a link in the comments.


So I guess I was a little premature. I swear the graph had Romney ahead of McCain when I checked it. I should have waited until the end of the day.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mitt's Healthcare Boost?

The Massachusetts health care news is getting big-time play for Mitt Romney. Jeff Greenfield is saying that it could be the centerpiece of his run for the presidency. I haven't looked at the details of the plan so I can't say what I think about it as far as policy -- I'm naturally leary of any government program, but it does highlight the beauty of American federalism and our "laboratories of democracy" -- but Mitt is getting a lot of positive press out of it.

It isn't all positive, however. Someone at is throwing around the "H" word.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More Mitt-osphere

Over at the Romney Report (a relatively new addition to the Mitt-osphere) Pete reports on a Hugh Hewitt radio interview in which he predicts either a Romney or Allen nomination.

Tennesseans For Mitt also has some coverage of the Hugh Hewitt/Mitt Romney lovefest.

The Washington Post has some coverage of the healthcare business in Massachusetts that everyone's going crazy over.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This Week's News Has Been Cancelled

I am not even kidding when I say that there is nothing in the news about Mitt Romney this week. He must be in Massachusetts or something. Naturally when there's no news I take a look around the Mitt-osphere (yes, it's here to stay) and see what people are saying). reports that "Mormon politicians hang out"

This actually seems important (doesn't mean it's news though) -- Hey, A Republican With An Education Plan!

And I'm not sure if I posted this already -- In 2008, Will It Be Mormon in America?

Does anyone recognize this woman? I don't, but I'm told it's Cynthia McKinney.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Romney 2nd in National Journal Rankings

If I'm John McCain I'm starting to look over my shoulder at Mitt Romney. In this month's National Journal 2008 rankings Romney moves up to 2nd from the 3rd spot. Chuck Todd writes:
Think Romney’s feeling better about that decision not to seek a second term? The sole reason we finally put Romney ahead of Allen is that Allen's '06 re-election is becoming a distraction. Plus, the more we hear about Romney’s financial network, the more we wonder if McCain’s going to have company in the $100 million circle. Between the Mormon financial network, his Bain Capital friends and his own wealth, it’s safe to assume Romney’s going to be among the top three candidates simply because of resources.