Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What They Are Saying

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but a quick survey of conservative commentary on the Massachusetts healthcare legislation is revealing. As much as it will raise Romney's national profile and give him something to campaign on, I don't think it's scoring him any points within the party. Here's a few links:

An Imperfect Model
Gov. Mitt Romney’s health plan.
Ramesh Ponnuru
National Review

The Real Mitt Romney
Liz A. Mair

Mitt's Fit
by Edmund F. Haislmaier
January 28, 2006

Individual Mandates for Health Insurance
Slippery Slope to National Health Care
by Michael Tanner

The Boston Globe: When In Doubt, Make Things Up
by Hugh Hewitt


Blogger Allan M. Bailey said...

The Hugh Hewitt comments were actually quite positive. Mitt seems to have won points with him. Hewitt's comments emphasize the idea that Mitt actually did something and did not compromise.

Speaking of Mitt getting the credit on the healthcare legislation; did anyone see the frustration that John Kerry showed after Tim Russert suggested that Mitt Romney was responsible for the legislation on "Meet the Press"? I thought, “He must feel the same way that republicans did after President Clinton took credit for balancing the budget and the strength of the economy in the '90s.”

12:24 PM  
Blogger We Three said...

There were three negative pieces and the other two were positive. The National Review was just an extension of the analysis done by CATO, they were practially the same. The Liz Mair piece was pretty biased. She said that McCain and Allen were "mainstream conservatives" while elluding to Romney as being a liberal or RINO. At the end she resorted to ad homeim attack, stopping short of calling him a liar.

So where does that leave us? Some of CATO's complains are well founded and some aren't. The "individual mandate" and small buisness tax are (in my opinion) valid complains with Romney probably vetoing the latter but not the former. The "universal healthcare" complain isn't an issue because in reality we do need practical answers. Conservatives/libertarians have come up sort on this issue and other social issue because of idealism.

I do think this bill will make him vulnerable to critics of his conservative credentials and will turn off people with strong libertarian values. There is no getting around that. Once people look at the bill for what it's worth they will apperciate it as being built on conservative principals and a real shining example of "compassionate conservatism".

1:56 PM  
Blogger We Three said...

Hey, can you add this link. It was written by Gov. Romney himself. Readers can get the info, straigth from the source. Thanks...


3:05 PM  

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