Friday, January 12, 2007

Romney wins straw poll

This from the Hotline at National Journal (hat tip to

A thousand miles north, in South Carolina, Romney won the first county exec. committee straw poll we've seen. Of the 30 members, 11 voted for Romney, 5 voted for Tom Tancredo, 4 voted for Newt Gingrich, 3 voted for John McCain, 2 voted for Tom Coburn, two for Mike Huckabee, and 1 (each) for Pataki, Giuliani and Duncan Hunter. Aiken Co. has 142,000 residents, making it the 4th largest in the state

The momentum seems to be building for Romney in South Carolina. As always, this early into the race, all good news (and especially straw polls) should be taken with a veritable salt lick. Still, doubling his closest competitor is quite a feat in a state that values social conservatism very highly. Several interesting notes about this vote also. Tom Tancredo has not announced his presidential aspirations, but apparently is headed to Iowa to declare this weekend. Tancredo, while having a very loyal border security following, will need to develop more of a one issue campaign. Newt Gingrich has also not announced, and it is unclear whether he will. McCain, despite his seeming institutional support from Republicans generally, has to be disappointed at his showing. Interestingly enough, declared candidate Sen. Sam Brownback apparently had zero votes. I am unsure whether this has any relation to his stance on the surge in troops.

Meanwhile, Romney gets a nice compliment from Dean Barnett as "smarter than the average bear" candidate for his innovation in fundraising and his youtube responsiveness.


Blogger Marc said...

Nice. I had to laugh when I read your comment that Tancredo "will need to develop more of a one issue campaign." That's the understatement of the year. Perhaps I'm not being fair-minded here, but I see any actual presidential aspirations by Tancredo as a total pipe dream. The man comes off as a little unhinged. While the straw poll is undoubtably welcome news for Romney, the fact that he pulled in the second most votes in this straw poll makes me wonder just how representative it is. Guess we'll see.

1:10 PM  
Blogger David Kennedy said...

Gotta love straw polls -- they're not representative at all, but that's what's so great about them. Mitt seems to do well in them. I haven't read anything about this latest one but I do recall the one in Tennessee last winter/spring, in which he took second to Bill Frist. He got a TON of good press from that and as far as I can tell a busload of Romney fans just went down and promoted him (those same folks are running now, incidentally.)

1:32 PM  

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