Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Romney's Constituency

An earlier post on this blog asked who exactly John McCain's GOP constituency was. It's an intriguing question that's incredibly relevant to the looming Republican primary campaigns. McCain almost seems to be better positioned for a general election run than his upcoming primary run because of his appeal to independents and conservative Democrats, this could end up hurting his chances at the nomination. Equally intriguing is the question of who Mitt Romney's GOP constituency is. While neither candidate is the natural choice for the majority of social conservatives, both are doing their best to court them. Romney, however, certainly will expect to carry tremendous weight with most Repubican Latter-day Saints. As pointed out by a commenter a few days ago, this could pose serious problems for McCain in places like Arizona where he otherwise wouldn't have to worry. Apparently, McCain is starting to try and head this off or at least cut into what Romney would expect to be his most loyal constituency. While in the minds of some, certain LDS politicians like Jon Huntsman or Mark Shurtleff might have self-interested motives in supporting McCain, what about members of the Church like philanthropist and Brigham Young University benefactor Ira Fulton, a loyal McCain supporter? Will McCain have any success here?



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