Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mitt Supports Troop Surge

In anticipation of Bush's expected announcement this evening that he will increase the number of troops in Iraq for the time being, Romney sent out a press release this morning expressing support for such a surge. In it he said:
I believe securing Iraqi civilians requires additional troops. I support adding five brigades in Baghdad and two regiments in Al-Anbar province. Success will require rapid deployment.
What are the implications of this in the primary next year? If the war continues to go as badly as it has this past year, will this decision have any negative consequences in a general election?

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Blogger Marc said...

McCain seems to be hanging his presidential aspirations on Iraq and the Democrats seem happy helping him do it:

"George Bush's expected decision to adopt the McCain Doctrine and escalate the war in Iraq is a grave mistake."
- John Edwards, release, 1/9

Does this help Romney? It will be interesting to see. Over the next year, I personally think Romney should play the outsider card more on Iraq. It's not his war and his reputation as a problem solver who cleans up other people's messes might come in handy here.

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