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Suppose Romney does win the Republican nomination, will he then be subject to religious bigotry from secular voters during the general election? Marc's post about John B. Judis's article got me thinking about this issue. It was pretty generally assumed by many that religious bigotry and stereotyping were the domain of the Religious Right, and that secular pundits and voters wouldn't engage in it. Starting with Andrew Sullivan, and continuing with Damon Linker and Jacob Weisberg (who, as far as I know, aren't part of the Religious Right) I've begun to change my mind. This post on the University of Chicago Law School Faculty Blog about the Linker article (and in particular the comments) show me that even many non-religious voters aren't going to let Romney's candidacy pass without engaging in bigotry and stereotyping.


Blogger Marc said...

I think Romney can certainly expect attacks from secularists on both the right and the left if he makes it to a general election. But I think these same secularists would attack any candidate with religious credentials, at least to varying degrees. I'm not convinced that the attacks by them on Romney will be any worse than if a Sam Brownback got the Republican nomination. Interestingly though, some of these secularists on the left are also critical of Barack Obama's appeals to religion. They don't seem to like public acknowledgement of religion no matter where it's coming from.

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