Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Romney to Address Mormon Faith if He Runs

Mass. Republican Gov. Mitt Romney Says He Will Address His Religion if He Goes National

It seems that the JFK approach to religion worked better for him as a Catholic than it will for Mitt as a Mormon largely because of the public familiarity factor. Writing about his vision for this blog, David Kennedy said that he hopes Mitt's candidacy helps Mormons think more about their beliefs and be a bit more robust in their reasoning. "I think [Mitt's candidacy for president] will force the [LDS] church to examine itself like it hasn't had to do in over a hundred years."

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe that President Kennedy was expected to answer questions about the Inquisition or the details of the doctrine of transubstatiation. Mitt, on the other hand, has been and will be further questioned about these "examination" issues that Dave referred to such as polygamy and the only recent universal ordination to the priesthood of all worthy males. I do not mention this to suggest Mitt is unfairly picked on, but because of this, Mitt may not be able to employ President Kennedy's strategy with the same relative ease that he has suggested in recent interviews.


Blogger David Kennedy said...

Great post Allan.

I think you're right that Kennedy had it easy compared to what Romney will face. (Come to think of it, Kennedys have everything easy when it comes to controversy -- it may be the source of their power. I fully expect Patrick Kennedy to come out of rehab and announce that he's running for senate the same day.)

I am really interested to see how he addresses his faith now that there's been a big announcement about it. It could be a real turning point, for better or worse.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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