Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Does Wonkette Read LSFR?

Judging by the number of people who have been reading this blog, probably no. But this does show that I'm not the only one confused by the stem cell/abortion logic. Shouldn't this be something he hammered out long ago, or is it just so indefensible that there's no adequate explanation? Here's the relevant part of Wonkette's post yesterday about Mitt's FNC interview:

Mitt Romney looks like he was grown in a lab and appears to be wearing an elephant tie. Feels need to prove something? Has the solidly tangood looks of George Clooney + George Hamilton. Has yet to say anything outside of the middle of the road. Grilled on abortion flipflop: his logic about coming to call himself "pro life" has to do withstem cell research. Huh? Mormonism: "People want a person of faith, most people don't care what brand of faith he has." Looking forward to the next Zoroastrian nominee.

Do you believe in the book of Mormon? "I'm not going to get into a discussion about the particulars of my faith."

And again with the humiliate the third tier candidate time: "How do you beat the Republicans who are better known than you are?" Essentially, he says, to know me is to love me. Chris admits that they have time to kill. Why else would any ask "The word is that you're really running for vice president."

In other news, I wonder what Mitt thinks about Antonin Scalia carrying a rifle around NYC.


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