Tuesday, October 02, 2007

News Round-up

From the Politico: Fred? Thompson is not a believer in Reagan's 11th commandment:
“I am more of a 12th Commandment man: Don’t speak ill of them until they speak ill of me. And then really speak ill of them.”
Hard to believe that religious leaders aren't flocking to him.

From KJL at NRO: Ann Romney has an amazing life story to tell and is doing her part to advance the cause of MS victims:
“Helping raise awareness” about MS, money, and helping find a cure are unsurprisingly a big part of her charity work. As First Lady, she also intends to continue her work with “at risk youth,” which includes groups like Elayne Bennett’s Best Friends Foundation, whose mission it is to help kids make “smart choices.”

From RCPblog: ARG's Dick Bennet defends the poll showing Romney is leading in South Carolina:
"There is always the possibility that it is the sample, but the interviewers alerted me on Wednesday night that Romney was way up in SC so I added some follow-up questions and it is tied almost exclusively to recall of Romney's TV advertising. We saw the same thing in IA and NH."

From The Corner: Rudy is causing an uprising among social conservative leaders:
[Tony Perkins:] "But I think, Chris, there comes a point where you draw a line on principle. And I think this — this is the principal issue, the issue of life. We are not going to sit down at a table and negotiate away the protection of human life and shake hands and get up and go forward. That's not going to happen on my watch."


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