Thursday, September 13, 2007

Romney's Master Plan

This opinion piece from David Broder sums up nicely some of the great challenges that Governor Romney will face as the endless election drags on. It introduces nothing new, but is a nice summary of Romney's larger challenges nonetheless. It specifically mentions his flip-flopping and charges that he will say or do anything to win. I am curious to see how Romney's campaign will respond once the attack ads run regarding his flip-flopping because I have no idea how or if such ads will be countered.

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Blogger Marc said...

I'm sure he's working on something... and he needs to. The Romney footage that's available is going to make for some pretty effective attack ads against him.

2:09 AM  
Blogger A Christian Prophet said...

It takes a true hero to be open-minded enough to change positions if one gets new perceptions. Kerry did not project an aura of heroism, Romney does.
An American Hero: Mitt Romney

11:58 PM  
Anonymous Jeffrey Lin said...

I recently submitted my video for the mitt romney ad competition. While I tried my best to present Mitt in the way I feel would get across to Americans, I'm afraid a TV ad is just not enough (whether mine wins or not). Sadly, i feel that none of the video submissions are that great for Mr Romney's campaign and would like to discuss it here briefly with you if I could. For those of us who know Mr. Romney's record of success, abilities, commitment, and plans for the country, we know he's great and thats why we support him. But it seems to me most of America doesn't even know his name, much less who he is (I'm speaking from the point of a 24 yr old college graduate in Southern California...). I believe he is running a politicians campaign while he is not a politician, thus playing on other people's home turf and not doing so well. He has lots of strengths that these politicians dont have (which is why I mocked politicians at teh beginning of my video) and he should exploit them to the max to gain the upper hand. Fred Thompson already is doing that with his entertainment connections. I think we need a Mitt Romney awareness campaign, not so much just rallies and donations...because that's the preacher preaching to the choir sort of deal...not getting MORE votes. There are some superstars in this election, mainly on the democrats side. All political affiliations aside, I'm just being a realist here and trying to see how we can get Mr. Romney more publicity and make up that lost ground against the candidates people ALREADY know...because that's a hard thing to overcome. He can have the best abilities (I believe so), best policies, and best debates, but it won't mean a thing if American's arent watching, listening, and know who he is when they go to vote. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or actions underway and how I can help! Thanks for your time.

Hope this finds you well,
~Jeffrey Linh

3:54 AM  
Blogger Kyle said...

Haven't the other campaigns been attacking him already for the changes in position? Specifically, Brownback did that right before Ames, and suffered the consequences of lower than expected finish. Romney has been open about his change of heart, taking the force out of any attack.

10:23 PM  

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