Thursday, March 08, 2007

Romney's numbers on the rise?

So Romney won the straw poll. What does it mean? Will anything change? Well, the new Gallup numbers show a nice change for Romney:
Not all that impressed? Gallup explains the numbers this way:

Mitt Romney stands out as the candidate who is significantly less well known than the others. Over half of Republicans say they don't know enough about Romney to be able to rate him. His image among those Republicans who do know him is quite positive. This suggests the possibility that if Romney maintains his net positive image among Republicans as the campaign progresses, he could be in a position to become more of a factor in the presidential nomination picture.
Admittedly these numbers were taken the same weekend as CPAC and so they likely don’t reflect the increased press received from the straw poll win. However, as Jonathan Martin at the Politico points out, Romney’s numbers have improved since February when he had 27% favorable and 13% unfavorable ratings. The new numbers show a net gain of 12% in favorable versus unfavorable rating.



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