Monday, March 05, 2007

Romney's win suspect?

Some commentors have argued that Romney’s organization at CPAC undercuts his strong showing. Matt Lewis at finds this reasoning faulty:
Some people will tell you that Mitt Romney didn't deserve to win (because he bussed in College Republicans to vote for him). That's like saying George W. Bush didn't deserve to win because he raised more money than his opponent. Romney's ability to organize, inspire, and transport college students to the conference is precisely why he did deserve to win! A campaign that has the organizational ability to bus in college students has the organizational ability to do a lot of other things, too. The rules allow for it, so what's wrong with Romney doing what he has to do (within the rules) to win?

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Anonymous A.T. said...

The problem with Romney winning because he was able to accumulate more money and spend it more effectively is this. Most Americans (and yes, I'll speak that broadly) are jaded by the financial element of campaigning. Saying "look, I'm better at the aspect of politics you detest" is hardly endearing to the average voter.

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