Tuesday, January 16, 2007

News Round Up

  • Mitt Romney backers pushing for a Straw Poll in Florida this coming October. He's thought to have made inroads with Jeb Bush's camp and a straw poll could help propel the momentum he's been building.
  • Romney was grilled by a group of Florida's leading religious conservatives over the weekend about his shifting views on several social issues, but is thought to have handled it well. Conservative radio host Mark Merrill said of Romney, ''They were straightforward questions, and he hit them head on. I was impressed.'' Not everyone seemed completely won over though. Attorney John Stemberger said in a written statement afterward, "At this time I am not convinced that he is the best candidate for social conservatives, I am encouraging Christian leaders statewide to keep their powder dry and wait to hear what other candidates have to say.''
  • Potential presidential candidate Tom Tancredo announced the formation of an exploratory committee and has signed up conservative Iowa GOP activist Bill Salier to chair his campaign in Iowa.
  • John McCain has secured the backing of South Carolina House Speaker Bobby Harrell.
  • About the Romney-McCain endorsement battle, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post writes: "Does any of it matter? Marginally. Few people who don't practice politics full time are paying attention at this early stage, and most voters don't make their decisions based on which candidate has the most endorsements."

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