Monday, January 15, 2007

AZ straw poll

The Sonoran Alliance is reporting that the Maricopa County, AZ (the county containing Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, etc) Republicans held a straw poll at a meeting on Saturday. Again, we’re dumping loads of salt on this (Duncan Hunter was the first choice candidate??), but Romney makes another good showing (2nd) in a poll where more than 450 ballots were cast, in the front-runner’s home state (McCain came in 4th).

Momentum continues to build.


Blogger Marc said...

Yup. While it's certainly better to place highly, I echo your "loads of salt" approach. Duncan Hunter's first place finish futher underlines how unreliable I think these straw polls are. Anyone have any idea if these straw polls were representative of ANYTHING 21 months out in 1999? What about 1995?

If there is any telling statistic from the straw poll in mind it would be the lack of opposition to Romney among the County voters (very last in "unacceptable candidates"). That to me speaks the loudest.

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