Monday, October 02, 2006

A Few Must-Reads

A recent column from The Economist ends with this line: "But for the moment at least it seems that conservative Republicans have found their man for 2008."

From The Times Online: Mormon with a JFK touch is right on McCain's tail

From For McCain and Romney, the gloves are still on -- but so is the fight

From Rants backs Romney

From the Salt Lake Tribune: Mitt gains ground in the blogosphere; This article mentions this blog specifically despite incrorrectly naming it.

One thing is becoming clear, I think -- Romney has solidified himself as one of the top two options for 2008. I think even Cyndi Mosteller would agree. I also think it's interesting that Romney's religion is not an issue anywhere but the South. The only time I hear about his Mormonism from outlets in Midwest or Northeast states or even Britain is when they mention that it's a big deal to Southern voters.


Blogger Marc said...

All with a little help from George Allen and Jim Webb of course.

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