Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cyndi Mosteller: Lover or Hater?

The State reports that Mitt Romney was confronted by a South Carolina Republican executive committee member about is faith earlier this month (HT: Wizbang Politics). More accurately, she confronted him about the history of his church. The comments on the Wizbang Politics blog post are very telling. Somewhat of a pattern is forming in the blogosphere, in which someone posts a piece about Mitt Romney's religion and depending on the tone of the piece someone either defends Romney or voices concern about certain aspects of Mormon doctrine, after which a generic discussion about the political relevance of Romney's religion ensues. It usually takes a turn into a discussion about the very truth or falsehood of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Most of Romney's defenders seem to be Mormons themselves and the critics seem to be evangelical christians, but a few but a few evangelical defenders have spoken up -- most notably, perhaps, the blog Evangelicals for Mitt. My point is that this is a conversation that I see mostly in the blogosphere and not yet among the general public, and only somewhat in the media. I'll be interested to see how the media and general public react to questioning Romney about his church's history as these things unfold.

As it turns out, Cyndi Mosteller, the woman who questioned Romney, is a McCain operative, as reported by Article VI Blog. There's a rather large picture of Cyndi here (and if you click on it with your mouse, it gets even bigger). Is she motivated by hatred for the Mormon Church or a love for John McCain (or perhaps a love for campaign finance reform)? I can't say at this point, but I can say that Law Students For Romney may have just found its foil.


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