Wednesday, July 26, 2006

July News Roundup

Here's a selection of news from the last few weeks.

Mormon Faith Seen as Guide for Mitt Romney

Mitt - A hack in sheep’s clothing

In Georgia Race, the Shoo Is on the Other Foot

Backer buffing Romney image
Mormon factor: The filmmaker hopes to counter a perceived religious bias in the U.S.

Mormon filmmaker supporting Romney plans anti-bigotry ad campaign

Utah governor throws support to McCain for president

Utah governor backs McCain; his father supports Romney

At home, in control

June ends 'jobs deficit' for Romney

Under media glare, Romney shines

Tecce found that Reilly blinked his eyes about 80 times per minute, 2 1/2 times the normal rate, suggesting that the attorney general ``is very, very stressed," Tecce said.

Romney, on the other hand, blinked about 30 times a minute, Tecce said, at the low end of the normal range, suggesting ``that he was in control of the situation, that he felt comfortable in what he was saying."

Mormon Filmmaker Supporting Romney Plans Anti-Bigotry Ad Campaign

Where Romney's loyalty lies

Mitt Romney Presidential Candidacy Faces Critical Disadvantage

White Horse Mitt

If you’re consulting for John McCain’s PAC, you ought to tell your readers

Romney signs bill to ease tests on target pistols


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So far all I have is press releases from Romney's site related to judges... But I know there are probably other good quotes... maybe you guys know more about the kind of judges he appoints...

Quotes from Mitt Romney on Judges
“Right now we have a funding mechanism for the district courts that splits the Commonwealth into two – the Boston Municipal Court and the remaining district courts in the state – and the Boston Municipal Court receives vastly more resources than the other district courts,” said Romney. Source: 05-13-2003 Press Release

“While I applaud the Legislature for recognizing the need to reform our court system, I urge them to take a closer look at merging the Boston Municipal Court with the rest of the district court system. It makes sense and it saves millions of dollars. It is time for action, not more studies,” Romney said. Source: 05-13-2003 Press Release

“Worcester and other communities are getting shortchanged when it comes to the administration of justice,” Romney said. “That is wrong.” Source: 05-13-2003 Press Release

“Clearly, it is time for us to have a uniform and equitable system of justice for all of the Commonwealth’s residents,” said Romney. Source: 05-13-2003 Press Release

Romney added, “Our judicial system is in desperate need of overhaul and restructuring. These common sense changes are the first steps in that process.” Source: 05-13-2003 Press Release

“The Massachusetts Constitution guarantees every citizen the right to judges as 'free, impartial and independent as the lot of humanity will admit.' Those words were penned by John Adams, and they are the basis not only for our state courts, but for the federal judiciary as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution,” said Romney. Source: 02-11-2003 Press Release

He added, “It is time to renew our commitment to those words. Massachusetts was a trailblazer for judicial integrity in John Adams' day and it can be a trailblazer for the same integrity in our day as well.” Source: 02-11-2003 Press Release

“It is my aim today with this Executive Order to shine a spotlight on the way judges are appointed to the bench,” said Romney. “The citizens of Massachusetts deserve to have a squeaky clean process that has no room for politics and favors.” Source: 02-11-2003 Press Release

“I am proud to submit the names of these outstanding individuals for consideration by the Governor’s Council,” Romney said. Source: 12- 03-2003 Press Release

He added, “For the last several months, we have successfully focused on reforming the old way of appointing judges and replaced it with a non-partisan and merit-based process. This new system – free from patronage, politics and favoritism – has yielded the highest caliber individuals for these positions.” Source: 12- 03-2003 Press Release

“As I was making this appointment, prosecutorial qualifications and public safety were paramount in my mind,” Romney said. “But, it was also my goal to provide continuity so as not to jeopardize ongoing prosecutions in the office. David Capeless’s familiarity with the office and its demands, as well as his relationship with his colleagues, will ensure a seamless transition.” Source: 03-04-2004 Press Release

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