Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday in the Mitt-osphere (for lack of a better word)

For possible GOP presidential hopeful Romney, a gift from an unlikely source

I came across a post on a blog called Excessive Catholicism where the author ruminates on Romney's pro-life stance:

Maybe he's faking pro-life beliefs in order to help himself in the Republican primaries. But he did stage huge battles with liberals in Massachusetts over not only same-sex marriage and religious freedom, but also embryonic stem cell research. Maybe he pretended to be "pro-choice" just to win in Massachusetts but now he's saying what he actually believes? It's hard to tell.
Looks like this is shaping up to be one of the big questions Americans will be asking themselves about Mitt Romney.

By the way, I notice that someone finally voted for Antics as their favorite work by Interpol in our poll. That took awhile.

And finally, there's an interesting article about Bill Frist in yesterday's Washington Post that talks about his immigration bill in the Senate. Basically it's the latest in a string of bad moves for him over the last year or so as he tries to be Senate Majority Leader and run for the White House at the same time. I think his case highlights why it's so hard for a Senator to become president.


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