Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One Huckabee Burger With Cheese Please

It's amazing how fast you can get into the spotlight; but once your there you better be ready to take the heat. Everybody has been talking about how Huckabee is putting the heat on Romney; but it looks like Huck is enduring some heat of his own. An interview today on the Laura Ingraham show (linked below) was a perfect example.

After various debates many of my friends came away with a rather favorable impression of Huckabee. I explained to my friends that I understand their propensity to be attracted to Huck's smooth style, charm, and compassionate speak. Then I started to point out his faults.

While Huckabee was a 3rd tier candidate he had the luxury of hiding his past behind his charm and obscurity. As the primary comes closer and voters feel a "conservative gap" in the field they have begun to look elsewhere. These forces combined with the main stream media's hunger for a new story, and tight race, have propelled Huckabee to the 1st tier of candidates. This has significantly altered the debate and has seemingly encouraged Romney to make his infamous "Mormon Speech" Thursday.

Personally I think Romney could have just waited this out. A comparison of today's headlines with those of the past week or two explain why.

For the last couple of weeks the big story was that Huckabee was rising because Christians were becoming more wary of Romney's Mormonism and Giuliani's sketchy financial and moral dealings as governor. Now that Romney has announced he won't make the speech until Thursday and Giuliani's past is in investigatory limbo, the press and conservatives alike are passing their time investigating their new top tier candidate.

Like a new item on the Wendy's Dollar Menu, Huckabee will not last long.

Here is a taste:


Can you say indigestion?


Blogger Marc said...

I guess that assumes one opposes Huckabee on this issue. Some 12 Republican Senators supported the Dream Act which narrowly failed a few months ago (and many more actually supported the merits of that bill (Specter, Martinez, etc.), but refused to support the legislation without it being part of a full immigration reform effort). There's a lot of bipartisan support for not punishing children for acts of their parents.

Anyway, for me the real question about Huckabee's attractiveness is whether he can mount a serious attack on Giuliani after an Iowa win, or whether a vote for Huck in Iowa simply gives the election to Giuliani. A lot of this depends on organization and finances, which Huck is way behind on. Sure, Huck's platform plays is important, but I think foreign policy is a much bigger issue for him than immigration there. In the end, I have a hard time seeing Huckabee compete in states like California or New York, which will certainly come into play if Huckabee wins Iowa and New Hampshire subsequently goes to Romney, McCain, or Giuliani.

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