Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Romney News Tidbits

A few interesting things I've run across:
  • Romney's favorite movie is Raiders Of The Lost Ark (CNN)
  • Romney raised almost $300,000 on one day last week... in Southern Utah (SL Trib)
  • Romney is attacking McCain as a mudslinger to conservative pundits (CBN)
  • "[P]eople don't know who the hell [Romney] is yet.” (SL Trib)
  • AP reports on Romney's efforts to "overcome inconsistencies" going on to say "As previous White House hopefuls have learned, once a candidate is perceived to have a pattern of inconsistency, labels like flip-flopper and waffler are extremely difficult to shake." (AP)
  • Virginia U.S. Senator John Warner has endorsed John McCain (Richmond Times)

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