Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Romney Providing Cover For Rudy?

Chuck Todd at MSNBC's First Read raised an interesting thought today:
When Romney was "evolving" from a moderate to conservative, every move he made was chronicled and ridiculed (by McCain’s folks?) to the point where the flip-flop label stuck to him. Giuliani's conservative evolution of late has been just as stark on some recent issues (guns, immigration, and partial-birth abortion), but his foes haven't attacked him directly yet. Did Romney actually provide Rudy cover?

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Anonymous Ben said...

I have wondered the same thing. I recently read an article in the NY Times about Guiliani and how he is "hardening his tone" on immigration. I wondered why the flip-flop police haven't been so quickly dispatched for Guiliani. I think a large part of it, at least in the case of the NY Times, is that the NY Times loves Guiliani because he was once mayor of their city and because he is probably the most popular presidential candidate of New Yorkers.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Marc said...

To be fair on that issue, Giuliani's hardened tone on immigration IS much softer than Romney's hardened tone and is less of a flip-flop in my opinion, but Giuliani on the partial birth abortion decision and on gun rights are flip-flops if I've ever seen them.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Ben said...

Case in point, I just read today of Guiliani's opposition to a new law in New Hampshire that makes that status of civil unions equal to that of marriage. New Hampshire's law also recognizes other civil unions made in other states as legitimate. But, very surprisingly, Guiliani opposes this. This is certainly a great break with his past record and statements. No doubt Guiliani will issue a statement full of careful distinctions and hair-splitting philosophies as to how this new stance on civil unions is somehow compatable with what he has stated before. However, this is a very different Guiliani than we have seen in the past. Certainly a flip-flop by any standard in my opinion

9:24 PM  

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