Sunday, February 04, 2007

Romney Responds to Rich Lowry

The National Review has a transcript of an interview with Mitt Romney yesterday in which, among other things, he responds to Rich Lowry's criticisms earlier this past week:

Jim [NRO]: ... I presume you saw the comments on the Corner by Rich Lowry, that you should have addressed Iraq more. Any reaction?

Gov. Romney: Well, he’s correct that I didn't talk a great deal about Iraq; I wanted to concentrate on Iran. You have different speeches for different audiences. I had spoken about Iraq before, and in fact I spoke about Iraq a great deal yesterday.

Jim [NRO]: Was it a fair criticism?

Gov. Romney: All criticism is fair; it represents the viewpoint of the author it is true that in my address I didn’t speak much about Iraq. But I have in other speeches. Next week, I’ll be speaking at the Detroit Economic Club, where I won’t be speaking about Iraq or Iran there, I’ll be speaking about the economy. I spoke a great deal about Iran at the Herzliya Conference in Israel. In any given speech, you can’t speak on all important topics. I can understand that Rich felt I should have spoken more about Iraq.

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Blogger Kyle Hampton said...

Again, as has happened many times already, I think Romney had the right response. Lowry has every right to say that Romney should have addressed Iraq to that group, but it's not as if Romney hasn't expressed his view on Iraq before or has been avoiding the issue. Maybe Lowry wanted to hear about Iraq from Romney, but I think you could find any number of other attendees that were looking to hear on any number of other issues. I think the thing that Romney's response shows is that he understands that you can't please everyone.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

I think Lowry's criticism went beyond Iraq, but Romney's response was measured and obeyed Reagan's Eleventh Commandment.

1:17 AM  

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