Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Romney on the State of the Union Address

Mitt Romney issued a press release yesterday on President Bush's health care proposals in the State of the Union address last night. I think it was a smart move on Romney's part to focus solely on Bush's proposed health care initiatives (rather than Iraq), as the issue is one of Romney's biggest trump cards. Here's the majority of the release:
"We are blessed to live in a country with the best medical system in the world. However, for too many, private health insurance is often out of reach. I welcome President Bush's proposed initiatives to make health insurance more available and affordable. He recognizes the answer is not more government but more innovation, harnessing the power of free market reforms.

"I am especially encouraged by the President's initiative to help states find new solutions for individuals to buy health insurance. I believe the states are our best laboratories to find the best policy innovations to our health insurance crisis. As Governor, my state found a way to get all of our citizens covered without a tax increase and without a big government takeover."

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