Friday, March 10, 2006

Catholic Charities to end adoption services over homosexuality concerns

It's a sad day for religious freedom in Massachusetts if this actually happens. Romney calls it a "sad day for neglected and abandoned children." Truly there are no winners here.

If Romney is looking for an issue for 2008 to show the religious right his values, this is the perfect fight to fight, isn't it? It wouldn't be heaving his religious values on anybody, indeed it would be the opposite: he'd be protecting the Catholic Church from having the religion of secularism forced upon it.


Blogger David Kennedy said...

I think it has more recently come to light that the Catholic Charities recieves a significant portion of its funding from the State of Massachusetts, which changes the dynamic of whether or not it should be allowed to not facilitate adoptions by gay couples. In my opinion, if Catholic Charities is receiving funding from the state it should play by the state's rules -- what the state's rules should be is an entirely different debate. I'm interested to see what critics of Catholic Charities would say if they stopped receiving state funding and continued to not facilitate adoptions by gay couples.

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